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Welcome to Plaisirs de Provence

In an instant, you are plunged into a world of vibrant colours, delicious aromas and unique flavours.

Discover Plaisirs de Provence and you find all the charm and passion of Provence under one roof.

Artful table settings, evocative perfumes, fine gourmet products, sunny fabrics and decorative accessories…open your heart to Plaisirs de Provence and you'll feel like you've strolled into a picturesque Provence village where every corner reveals new charms and where the local patois hasn't changed in centuries.

The idea of bringing the Provencal theme to the North American market was born in the fertile minds of François Maranda in 1997. After countless trips to France and Provence, what had always been a love for the region, became an overwhelming passion.

They carefully selected just those exceptional products that were imbued with the region's characteristic élan; and they chose their suppliers with similar care. The idea of Plaisirs de Provence was born. Now it was a matter of nourishing it and helping it grow.

Here is a soupçon of the products that grace the shelves of our stores.

Each item is steeped in the sun and the story of the region…together, they constitute the region's heritage. After a moment's reflection, you'll see and understand their raison d'être. They exist for one purpose alone: to improve your quality of life in terms of your health, your pleasure, your feelings…in a word, your well-being.